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Mini Range

* Mini Cookies
* Mini Digestives
* New Product addition Mini Hob Nob
* 90% of UK Households are aware of Hob Nobs
* Packaging re-design across core brands
* Ideal for vending
* £6M advertising in 2002…. PLUS
* Brand Extension in 2002 with ‘Munchbites’

Go Ahead!
* Leading Healthier Brand
* New Pack design and NPD development across range
* New proposition - ‘Real focus on Great taste’
* £4m advertising and sampling campaign

Jaffa Snack Pack
* Jaffa Second largest everyday treat
* The ideal Snacks to Go format
* Ideal for Vending
* £5M TV and support spend

McV Chocolate Digestive
* The clear No.1 biscuit in the impulse channel
* 9 out of 10 outlets sell this product

McV Digestive
*    The UK’s No.1 Digestive
*    6 million McV Digestives eaten every day
*    Continues to grow + 11% v’s yr 20012001

McV Rich Tea
* UK’s No.1 Rich Tea
* Growth ahead of the market +7%

McV Hob Nobs
*   Nobbly, Oaty biscuits - a unique product
*   A Top 10 Seller in the market
*   Original Hob Nobs growing faster than the market and increasing market share

McVities Cake

McVities have an unrivalled range - the ‘one stop cake shop’

Fastest selling Impulse

* M&M Brownies
* Jaffa Muffin
* Galaxy Muffin

Biggest branded Cake Bars

* Jaffa
* Penguin
* go ahead

McVities are fuelling the growth with unique branded Muffin and Flapjack products and strong market innovationtion

* 2nd largest sector in eat now cakes
* ideal for taking time out to indulge or a meal replacement


fastest selling sector within eat now cakes

* ideal missed meal or afternoon snack
* the guiltless snack food to charge up on
* No.1 Worldwide confectionery brand
* 50% Growth in last 2 years
* £7m support 2002
* No.1 Indulgent Brand
* No.2 Chocolate Brand
* £4m support 2002

Are you prepared to be shocked in 2002 with Hoops and KP
* No.2 Bagged snack
* Brand new pack designs cross the range
* Five great flavours
* Orig, BBQ, S+V, Cheese toastie, Bacon & ketchup.
* Hula Hoops XL - the Hula Hoops for grown ups
* Mini Hoops - new sharing format
* Over 130m packets sold every year - more than 12m hoops eaten a day!
* £8m marketing support in 2002
* TV and press advertised across the range

Are you prepared to be ‘Shocked


Completely new innovation in the snacking category with boxed Mini Hoops

KP Nuts
* No.1 branded nuts
* 99% consumer awareness

New Phileas Fogg Range
* Tortilla
* Cracker
* Poppadum
* Bread Based
* Authentic Products and Range
* £1.5m Investment
* building brand awareness and driving trial


Mini Cheddars
* Fast growing impluse brand
* Foil Packed for Freshness
* Mini Cheddars also appealing to a more modern audience with new Salsa and BBQ flavours
* 50g pack for a bigger eat out of home
* Wide spread sampling throughout 2002
* Support and spend £2M in 2002

Mc Coys
* McCoys are the premium ridged crisp and getting bigger year on year
* New flavour launch ‘Rock Salt
* Improved salt taste lasting throughout the eat
* Motivating Flavour descriptor which brings it closer to the brand proposition
* £2.2m marketing support in 2002
* TV advertised from May

Fresh and new innovation with McCoys spice in 2001

* New flavours in line with changing consumer tastes

Crawfords is the No.1 FS biscuit brand
* Portion packs ideal for portion control
* Ideal with teas and coffees of complimentary
* biscuits in hotel and meeting rooms

McVities Biscuits for Cheese is the No.1 Branded line

* Ideal for business meetings and conferences
* Great dessert alternative

Cereal Bar & Cereal Bites

Chewy, moist cereal bars packed with pieces of real fruit & nuts and Grapefruit

A unique way to start your day… cereal bites with a delicious Apricot or Berry fruity cream filling

Breakfast Muffin Bar, Morning Slice & Muesli Finger

A succulent Muffin bar crammed full with of zesty orange marmalade

Apple jam sandwiched between 2 oaty slices

A delicious muesli bar bursting with nuts
and juicy raisins

Launch will be supported by over
£6.5m of activity and support





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